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Ruff Ryder

Ruff Ryder

Geoffrey Coastal is aptly called the Music specialist, consulting new and existing entertainment businesses, increasing their bottom line while making them technically astute.

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Ruff Ryders Indy, Inc. is a State of the art Global Music Distribution Company that provides services to Major Artists, Groups, Bands, Producers, Emerging Artists and Independent Record Labels. RRI encourages a consistent high-level of quality in all areas and adherence to the highest ethical standards and practices in the music business.

RRI’s mission is solid and dedicated to two words freedom and music. Keeping ahead of the curve, using cutting edge technology to reach out to the world 24-7, having hands on the pulse of current and future trends in the music industry, and having a keen ability to cultivate productive relationships with a broad range of constituents and enjoy operating in the public arena is key. Staying true to the artists and devoted to the fans has kept the R in the R and alive for life.

RRI’s executive team and music leaders work around the clock and around the globe supporting all genres of music with varied budgets for viable markets. RRI supports artists by providing worldwide, national or local distribution packages, digital programs and a la carte services.




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LiL Waah

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