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Ever since Eve broke on the scene in 1999 she’s had a knack for making stardom look easy. Grammy Award winner. Check. Starring in blockbuster films. Check. Achieving elite status as a fashion icon. Check. The “blonde bombshell” is a triple threat entertainer in the truest sense of the term. And one of the reasons you can’t take your eyes off of her is your ears.

In an era when success in hip-hop is built on the portentous hype of saving the genre from imminent gloom and doom or testosterone driven beef, Eve remains a bankable star who grabs your attention with her consummate talent for crafting infectious hits. She’s proof positive that hip-hop doesn’t need to be saved or resurrected; it just needs a woman’s touch every now and then.

Hence, following a successful four-year takeover of the Hollywood and fashion scene, Eve is set to drop Here I Am, a more mature and adventurous album, one she calls her best effort to date. “This is the album I’ve always wanted to make,” she says. “In the past my albums have had a heavy male influence. Not this time. This one represents the woman I am today.” And there’s no doubt that the woman who brought us hits like “What Ya Want,” and “Let Me Blow Ya Mind,” is supremely confident that a mass variety of music lovers not just the hip-hop faithful will appreciate were she’s coming from this time around. “I didn’t just cater to a rap audience with this album,” she says. “I can go to the Pop Top 40 with this because it’s far more universal than anything I’ve done. You’re going to pay attention to me because it’s different.”

Having people take notice of her talents has never been a problem for Eve Jihan Jeffers. During the late 90’s and early millennium the Philadelphia-bred MC was a key component in the seminal rap squad the Ruff Ryders. As the only female in the crew that consisted of rappers DMX, The Lox and Drag-on, Eve stood out as the sexy, no-nonsense street savvy, ride-or-die chick that could hold her own amongst the boys. Anchored by chart-topping singles like the vivacious “Gotta Man” and the anti-domestic abuse classic “Love Is Blind” Eve’s 1999 debut album Let There Be Eve…Ruff Ryder’s First Lady was a double platinum success. Her 2001 sophomore release Scorpion went platinum, while garnering her crossover appeal with the Grammy Award winning mega-hit “Let Me Blow Ya Mind,” featuring Gwen Stefani.

It didn’t take long for Hollywood to come calling on Eve for her unique and commercially viable persona. The self-professed “pitbull in a skirt” was maturing into a glamorous avant-garde fashion goddess. In 2002 she made her silver screen debut in Vin Diesel’s action blockbuster XXX, but it was her role later that year as the feisty female barber Terri, in Ice Cube’s Barbershop that would win her the most attention for future employment. UPN network quickly tapped Eve to produce and star in a self-titled sitcom about a fashion designer. With her newfound celebrity in Tinsel town it seemed appropriate that Eve would release her aptly titled third album Eve-Olution in the summer of 2002. Focused more on her growth as a person through love and relationships the album’s memorable features include the alluring collaboration with Alicia Keys “Gangsta Love” and the Grammy nominated, Dr. Dre produced single “Satisfaction”.

After the release of Eve-Olution Eve turned her focus to her thespian responsibilities and her clothing line Fetish. “Acting and getting into fashion were some things I enjoyed doing and I wanted to really pursue.” In 2004 she went on to take roles in three different films, Barbershop 2: Back In Business, The Woodsman, and The Cookout. “Acting is a whole different mindset from rapping,” she says. “I feel fortunate to have gotten advice from people like [Queen] Latifah and [Ice] Cube. Especially Latifah, she’s like a big sister to me. I aspire to emulate her career.”

On her way to attaining that royal status Here I Am is another milestone to be added to the impressive body of work Eve has amassed over the course of her illustrious career. A top flight MC in any arena male or female Eve’s unmistakable, aggressive style is ideal on the instantly appealing rap-rock hybrid “Aint Nothin Changed”. Not an official single the mixtape smash, was the most sought after record on Eve’s myspace page. Over a chopped & screwed sample of the White Stripes’ classic “Seven Nation Army” the blond bombshell fittingly raps: “Had to get back in the game/to deal with some unfinished business/What you thought I gave it up?/Like I was done and over.

Far from finished Here I Am truly speaks to the growth of an artist that has transcended the ride or die chick niche hip-hop carved out for her. One listen to the hyper-chants and hard-charging bounce of the Swizz Beatz produced lead single “TK” and you’ll see why all eyes will be on Eve this summer. “I wanted this coming out party to be an event,” she says. “This record symbolizes that.” I didn’t want to do what people expected me to do.” Surely no one will expect to hear Eve singing as she effectively does on the 80’s pop-influenced “Tk” produced by Pharrell. Or anticipate her reggae-tinged aura on the breezy second single “Give It To You” featuring Sean Paul. Along with collaborations with T.I., Robin Thicke and Timbaland Here I Am is chock full of pleasant surprises.

As you can see Eve’s time away from hip-hop was not spent idle. Now considered a genuine star in the worlds of music, fashion and film, she’s currently preparing to launch “a more womanly” line of Fetish and starting her own film production company. More importantly, she looks forward to getting knee deep in the rigors of the rap game. “I can’t wait to get back on tour,” she says. “I miss performing. I need it. It’s an indescribable hunger that I have.” Clearly, after 8 years in the business Eve hasn’t lost her zest for the music, which is all the reason why this album will absolutely spice things up—for the better. Just as the old saying goes, hip-hop is a man’s world, but it wouldn’t be anything without a woman in it.


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RRI encourages a consistent high-level of quality in all areas and adherence to the Joaquin Dean Jr. aka Lil Waah and Quino is a rapper/actor born September 2, 2002 in New York City.He is of Trinidadian and African American heritage.

It should come as no surprise that Lil Waah has been performing since he was two years old, having been born into a musical family that includes his father (Waah Dean) and his uncle (Dee Dean) and his aunt (Chivon Dean) co-founders of the Ruff Ryders enterprise of companies.He got the rapping bug at an early age and grew up in the Powerhouse Studio with his dad listening to the music of DMX, Jadakiss, Eve, and like so many other children influenced by the music and artistry of Michael Jackson.

Spending all that time in the studio with his father and uncle, he had the opportunity to also learn how to produce and write music from his cousin Swizz Beatz in the studio.He wrote his own song and won the New York State WOW contest.He performed and wowed the crowd at Harlem’s Juneteenth Celebration in 2010.


Lil Waah enjoys playing keyboards and spending time in the vocal booth where he has been working on his first single to be released and distributed by Ruff Ryders Indy, Inc.He has achieved numerous trophies for track, basketball and karate and maintains high grades at the Cherry Lane Elementary School.“I just want people to feel me and appreciate my work,” he says. “I take this seriously. I don’t do this because people get paid from it. I really want to change the way music is done.”


Wednesday, 25 April 2012 01:04 Published in ENTERTAINMENT

Hugo Da Boss is the next big thing. WOW! That’s a huge statement, but this talented rapper, who plays piano and sings, too, is ready to live up to it.

The music that the Son of Harlem is doing now, for his debut cd, is called “swag music,” but if you think that Hugo Da Boss is just about rap music, you would be seriously mistaken. His “swag music” is about “flava and musical instrumentation, plus some strong musical intelligence.”

The piano prodigy, who as a young teenager, attended the world renowned Juilliard School of Music in New York City, and is a trained classical pianist who learned music theory and took vocal classes. As a kid, he listened to his brother deejaying and the music of P.Diddy and Mase, both from his native Harlem, spilled out of the room, mixing with the sounds of Scott Joplin, whose life story and musical innovative pierced Hugo’s ears when he saw the classic movie starring Billy Dee Williams and got him interested in piano. The gifted musician has played the legendary Carnegie Hall, where he wowed (there’s that word again) the crowd. All of these intricate sounds and beats mixed in Hugo and he wants to blend hip-hop with the various styles of music (jazz, blues, pop, et al.) that he has learned to appreciate while studying at the prestigious music school.

“I like to call what I do ‘swag music.’ It’s the music that Ludacris, Akon and Fabolous (among others) do, artists who brought the party back to music. I want to do that kind of music so that hip-hop can be the music of the people again and not just about bling-bling and places that people might never see. I want to get back to music that you hear in the club and music that just makes you want to dance. I make music for the ladies, like any young artist does, but I consider everybody. I think about the party. I feel like only a certain amount of people can keep talking about violence and be relevant. The party and fun, that’s always relevant!”

With supportive parents who believed in his talents but also enforced the importance of school, Hugo Montrose became Hugo Da Boss and he’s daring to change the face and style of hip-hop. Hugo Da Boss began writing lyrics and producing his own songs at 14, mixing his classical music background with his Harlem hip hop swag. Soon, he found himself doing shows and gaining fans. Of client biography course, time in the studio soon followed and now, Hugo is developing his “WOW” style and his sound, which has already been heard by almost 1.6 million listeners on MySpace. (“WOW” is Hugo’s signature swag call and you will soon hear it on tracks and in clubs everywhere. “WOW” means this track is so sick or “WOW” this so good, I can’t believe I did it!)

“I can talk about harmony and melody because I sing and know music well.” Hugo shows his “WOW” style on songs like his first track, “LOVE POTION,” where Hugo flipped his flow and added Caribbean influences, which he gets from his father, to show his dexterity as an artist. “My pop’s is from Trinidad and I thought that would make the track more interesting.” He shifts and changes his style track-by-track and as an artist, Hugo hopes to show off all of his skills. Whether on joints like the club-banger “GOT ‘EM BOTH” or the smoothed out “WHEN I GET HOME,” Hugo Da Boss shows that he can be what’s hot in music and take that up a notch or ten. “I want to be seen like a male Alicia Keys, because she flips styles from classical to pop to R&B and plays piano,” which she does with the same skill.

Hugo Da Boss is in the studio, working on songs and tracks, while doing shows because he loves to perform. “I am working hard to really gather up my sound and concepts so that ‘swag music’ takes hip-hop to another level.”

Hugo Da Boss says, with his own skillful intelligence that “what makes hip-hop interesting is the metaphors and the ability to paint pictures with words, so that you can tell the story at so many levels. My mom’s advice that I keep up my education definitely pays off, because knowing how to write and read lots of different things, so that you have a larger range of information, helps so I can take it to the next level.” The 18-year old adds that “having my parents’ support definitely made it easier to dream.”

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